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Meet The Chefs

BJ Lieberman

Chef / Owner

Hometown: Vienna, VA

Sign: Taurus

                  BJ likes to say that his career has been a series of very fortuitous bounces.  For instance, his externship during culinary school was with rising star chef Sean Brock at McCrady’s Restaurant, followed by being a part of Sean’s opening team at the original Husk in Charleston. In its first year, Husk was awarded Best New Restaurant in America from Bon Appétit magazine.  Three years later he moved to DC to help his good friend, Aaron Silverman, open a casual little neighborhood restaurant called Rose’s Luxury, as its opening Sous Chef.  They were also lucky enough to receive the honor of Best New Restaurant in America from Bon Appétit, as well as from GQ magazine. Not long after, Rose’s Luxury was awarded one Michelin star the first year the guide arrived in DC.  BJ helped Aaron open two additional restaurants (Pineapple and Pearls, two Michelin stars & Little Pearl, one Michelin star).  Like he says, fortuitous bounces!


                 In 2019, he, his wife Bronwyn, & their dog Phyl collectively decided that it was time to leave DC and move to central Ohio (where Bronwyn grew up) and do their own thing.  After lots of searching, they found a restaurant for sale in their favorite neighborhood, German Village, and the rest… well, we’ll see!


                In his free time, BJ enjoys watching sports, long walks on the Scioto Mile, cuddle puddles, and spending time in his bath robe playing video games and virtual Hearts with his high school friends.

Justin Singer

Sous Chef

Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA

Sign: Sagittarius

            Justin is our resident surfer. When he’s not out catching waves (which has become more difficult since his move to CBus), he also happens to be an extremely talented chef, loving cat father and all-around great dude. Although Justin worked for many restaurants around the DMV, his last stint was as the Executive Sous for famed Jose Andres restaurant, Jaleo. Justin loves a good hike where he may or may not find time to forage for mushrooms, and he is the foremost expert (at Chapman’s) in Spanish cuisine.


            Outside of the kitchen Justin enjoys hosting the occasional amateur jam session with friends and dabbles in chopping and mixing beats. During his college days, Justin helped lead the Longwood University Rugby team to 3 state and regional Championships from 2007 to 2010. In 2011, he capped his college career off with a D-III National Championship title in 2011. He travels back to Longwood University every year to help host the Todd Miller Rugby Tournament, a friendly regional rugby tournament held in honor of his teammate Todd Miller who tragically passed away as a result of a rugby injury in 2008.

Wes Grubbs

Sous Chef

Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Sign: Cancer

             If Wes were president, there would be an AM station that played Taylor Swift music 24/7, we would have baseball year round, and Old Bay would be our national seasoning blend.


             Before arriving in CBus, Wes resided in Charleston, SC for 20 years. Although his start may not have been in the service industry his end game certainly is. After working on boats and doing construction he found himself working his way up in kitchens around the Holy City. He eventually became the slayer of meats (lead butcher, and occasionally BJ’s boss, if not partner in crime) at the Southern hot spot Husk under well known Chef, Sean Brock. His sick skills and witty charm lead him to the Executive Chef position at Brock’s Mexican conquest, Minero.


           When he’s not crushing it in the kitchen you can find him cruising the streets in Ellie his beloved El Camino, putting fresh herbs on everything he cooks, or finding a way to talk about his home state of Maryland (we invented the crab, amiright?!)

Pam Berry

General Manager


Sign: Gemini

                  Pam may not be able to carry a tune but she sure knows a lot of lyrics and can sing louder than you. She will also beat your buns on the tennis court, unless, of course, you are a professional. Then you will probably win. Probably.


                  As a hospitality worker with over 15 years experience, she got her start taming the thirsts of sweaty beach goers in Rhode Island, scooping frozen Dels Lemonade (a must try in RI). There was no stopping her after that, as she eventually moved up in the ranks to a savvy server and sharp witted bartender at several hot spots around town during her college days. On a whim she made her way down the coast and landed in Charleston, S.C. on a 6 month stint that turned into 10 glorious years (which is a tale as old as time in Charleston). This decision landed her a couple assistant manger roles and ultimately a GM position at Minero, formerly Chef Sean Brock’s famed Mexican eatery. Now taking on a new adventure, Pam made her way to Ohio to show the Midwest what she’s made of.


                When she’s not running day to day restaurant operations you can find her dreaming about the beach, boasting about her mastery of sandwich making, or eating any dumpling she can come across. Pam is a lover of elephants, the lead singer of PB & The Jams – a fictional air guitar band whose motto is “Our jam is the jelly.” She is also, unfortunately, a die hard Patriots fan and potentially a new Bucs fan.

Seth Laufman

Beverage Director

Hometown: Athens, OH

Sign: Leo

                Seth is a seasoned bar tender, having spent his *formative* years working and honing his craft in San Francisco and San Diego. He moved back to Ohio to open his own bar, Blind Lady Tavern in downtown Columbus in 2015. He sold his acclaimed bar in 2018 to have more time with his family and young daughter, Juni, until one night over a High Life and a game of darts, he was lured back behind the bar by a new friend, BJ Lieberman.


                Seth has a passion for classic cocktails and riffing off of fruits and veggies used in the kitchen. He has an amazing palate and is an avid celebrator of Taco Tuesday. He’s got heaps of patience and will listen to any story you want to tell him with a huge smile on his face. And he knows every line from Step Brothers, so did we just become best friends?

Bronwyn Haines

Den Mom

Hometown: Delaware, OH

Sign: Aries

               Bronwyn’s voice is so loud there is literally a Facebook group dedicated to the lowering of it.  It has over 2000 members.  What these people know is that Bronwyn just gets energized when she’s with people and it overflows in deafening excitement!


               When she’s not tending to the plants and the people at Chapman’s, Bronwyn holds down a day job as a Registered Nurse at the James Cancer Center.  She’s a loving dog mom and her favorite activity is playing with JP and Campbell, her niece and nephew.


              Bronwyn’s roots in Columbus run deep.  Her family owned Chapman’s Poultry Market in Clintonville which was the inspiration for Chapman’s Eat Market.  Her parents are still local, as are a whole gaggle of her aunts, uncles, cousins and siblings.  You’ll know them when you see them, as they’ll be the loud ones congregating around the bar with Ohio State jerseys.  Don’t be afraid to just say hello.  They’re good people!

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